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4 Big Mistakes Solar Companies Make When Working With Recruiters

Date: 02.02.2018 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

Generally speaking, when a renewable energy organization decides to hire solar (or energy storage) recruiters to help fill a critical need, it’s because they realize they need the help of an expert. So if a company decides to hire an external...

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The 2017 Mid-Year State of Solar & Energy Storage

Date: 08.23.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

As solar and energy storage recruiters with nearly a decade of experience working in renewable energy, we at Peak Demand have a unique perspective on what is happening in the industry.

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The 3 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Isn't Full of "A" Players

Date: 08.15.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

If most solar companies know the difference between a mediocre salesperson and a top performer is like night and day, why don’t more organizations have sales teams that are packed with "A" Players?

Benefits of a high-performance sales team...

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How Deep is Your Bench?

Date: 06.20.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

Having spoken with and observed hundreds of hiring managers and executives in our time as renewable energy recruiters, it is clear that the leaders who run some of the best performing teams all have one very important thing in common…

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Is Your Hiring Process Keeping You From Hiring the Best Candidates?

Date: 03.20.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

A few months ago we were approached by the Director of Sales for a leading solar manufacture. He was frustrated because they had been looking for a Regional Sales Manager for a lot longer than they had anticipated, but hadn't been able to find...

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Know When It's Time to Fire Someone

Date: 01.10.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

We all know the obvious signs it’s time to fire someone:

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We are Peak Demand

Date: 09.24.2015 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

I haven’t written a blog for a while but in my defense, we have had a lot going on with an increase in hiring activity across the board, with Intersolar, SPI, our rebranding, and the launch of our new website.  If you haven’t already heard, or...

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