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How Deep is Your Bench?

Date: 06.20.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

Having spoken with and observed hundreds of hiring managers and executives, it is clear that the leaders who run some of the best performing teams all have one very important thing in common…

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Interview Pro Tip: Don't Get Drunk or Swear Like a Sailor

Date: 06.06.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

When it comes to job interviews, common sense isn’t always common practice. Everyone knows that they should conduct themselves professionally in an interview, yet for whatever reason someone will dress too casually, swear like a sailor, gossip...

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The Money Question

Date: 05.09.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson


There comes a time in every interview process when the person you’re interviewing with—either the hiring manager or HR person—will ask you about money.

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3 Things to Keep Off LinkedIn

Date: 04.25.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson


Social Media is a great platform for expressing yourself and showcasing your individuality. However, when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, you want to be a little more strategic with what you choose to share.

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Less Fluff, More Content

Date: 04.18.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson


We see a lot of resumes in our line of work. A lot. What’s shocking is the number of candidates that prioritize the font, style, or headline of their resume over the actual content.

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The Importance of Well Written Communication

Date: 04.11.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson


Working in executive recruiting, I’m frequently surprised by the lack of writing skills possessed by some of the industry’s top candidates.

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Are Counteroffers Really a Bad Thing?

Date: 04.04.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson
You’ve accepted a new job and all that’s left to do is to tell your boss that you’re leaving. It’s a pretty straightforward process, unless your current employer presents a compelling counteroffer. Read More

Is Your Hiring Process Keeping You From Hiring the Best Candidates?

Date: 03.20.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

A few months ago we were approached by the Director of Sales for a leading solar manufacture. He was frustrated because they had been looking for a Regional Sales Manager for a lot longer than they had anticipated, but had not been able to find...

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Get That Title: The Difference Between Title and Opportunity

Date: 02.24.2017 | Posted by: Jon Semingson

When I reach out to a potential candidate in my network about a new opportunity, one of the first questions that they have regarding the position is the job title. That makes sense. You want to know what the job is, right? The title should give...

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Building Your Personal Brand Online

Date: 02.03.2017 | Posted by: Sarah Petersen

Much like a company has to set certain branding guidelines to keep their online presence in line with their company values and goals, you should be doing the same for your own personal online presence. This is particularly important if you intend...

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